Individual Headshots

Everyone Needs a Headshot Today

Everyone needs a great professional photo of themselves that they can leverage for LinkedIn, Instagram, email signatures and website(s). We offer two programs for individual headshots, you can do a 1:1 private personal branding shoot (which starts at: $750), or you can join us at one of our headshot pop-up events, where you can get a great headshot for about 1/10th the price.  

Why You Need A Professional Photo?

Just like the video shows, your profile photo is important because it is your first impression. One of the things we do at Image + State is make sure you have the perfect profile photo based on real feedback.  We help you figure out which of your photos will put you in the best light based on scientific data, so you don't have to worry about putting your best foot forward. 

What Makes Us Different?

We understand that getting your photo can be awkward and is uncomfortable for most people.  This is why we start with education. When you sign up to get your profile photo with us, we'll send you education emails prior to getting your photo, so you are armed with what makes a great headshot vs a bad one.  Because of this education, you will feel confident and ready to get your photo taken. Next we make sure your photoshoot is quick, fun, and affordable. We can even use some photoshop magic to make sure you look exactly the way you want to present yourself to the world.

Who needs this service?

Anyone who doesn't have a professional photo of themselves. If your LinkedIn profile is a selfie or is cropped from another photo, then you probably need a new profile photo. If you current photo doesn't look like you and it's 10 years old, then you need a new profile photo.  If your photo doesn't have a beard and now you sport the hipster beard, it's time to get a new photo. If you have gone from brunette to blonde, you need a new profile photo. If you hate your current profile photo for any reason, we can help you get a new professional photo you will love. For private sessions please use the button below.

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