What Not To Wear

Choosing clothing can cause anxiety for some.

Other people don’t put enough thought into their clothing choices for their photoshoot.

Regardless of where you are in the spectrum, we are here to help you make the right choice. 

Here are 5 general rules when it comes to choosing the right clothes:

1. Pick clothing that you’d normally wear to work. For most of you this would be business casual, but each industry is a little different. 

2. Remember it’s called a headshot, therefore it’s about you!  It’s about your beautiful face and not your clothing.  So choose clothing and accessories that don’t pull attention from your face.  We are selling you and not your clothing.

3. Choose clothing that is neutral and colours that flatter your eyes and skin tone. You want to make sure it’s fitted to your body and not too bulky.  See some of our examples of good vs bad clothing choices for men and women. 

Consider what colour looks best on you. 

We usually recommend darker colours for most because it frames the face and makes your eyes the focus. This doesn’t necessarily mean black. Dark navy and dark greens work great. 

See the examples below to see how clothing color can impact your profile photo.

Remember, the goal is to frame your face with your clothing and keep your face as the feature.

4. V-neck vs rounded top. V-necks can help accentuate your jawline and rounded tops can soften your look. 

5. Mind the crop. What looks good when looking at you whole is often different from what looks good close-up. 

As you can see what looks good on your whole body looks different in a portrait.  Make sure what you are wearing looks flattering for both a half body shot and ora close-up. 

Clothing is only ONE small aspect of getting a great headshot!

Keep in mind, no matter what you wear, the lighting and mood of your photo can change dramatically.  

See the example below where this gentleman is wearing the same outfit, but each headshot looks completely different based on the lighting and emotion he’s portraying for each shot.

The BIGGEST TIP for picking the right clothing choice!

Take practice shots. Try on different clothes and ask your family or friends to take some photos of you that close-ups to see what you look like prior to your photoshoot. This way you are not guessing what will look best on your for your headshot photoshoot. 

IMPORTANT: We do not allow for outfit changes at our profile photo pop-ups, so it’s important you have your clothing choices locked in prior to attending the event.

Doing some test photos also gives you a chance to shop should you not have an outfit you love. 


  1. Men, if you bought a new button-down t-shirt make sure that you’ve washed it and ironed out all the kinks and lines. You don’t want to show up to your photo shoot with a brand new dress shirt that just came out of the package because it can look starchy and unworn. 
  2. Make sure you have a way to transport your clothing to the event, so you don’t arrive sweaty or with wrinkled clothing. Note, we will have restrooms on-site where you can change, but please arrive early so you can get it all sorted out. 
  3. For jewelery, go for something small, classic, and not very reflective or flashy. Earrings shouldn’t dangle more than an inch from your earlobe. Simpler is always better, so if we notice your jewelry before we notice your face, we may ask you to remove any excess jewelry.

With all this said, you, do you. 

There are officially no real rules to the best clothing. 

And even if there were, rules were meant to be broken. 

These are just some of the best practices that work for most people. 

Wear what you want and what makes you feel great and how you want to present your personal brand. 

Have you put some thought into how you want to wear your hair and make-up for your profile photo?

Make-up and hair are very subjective based on what you prefer so, our recommendation is that you come as you would on your best day at work. 

We do not provide make-up services at our profile photo pop-up, so you’ll need to decide if you want to see a professional make-up person prior to attending your headshot photoshoot.  

With our style of shooting and lighting we can capture a great shot of you with little or no make-up.  And anything like shiny forehead or blemishes can easily be retouched in Photoshop afterwards.

For those of you who want some make-up tips, we’ve got them! 

In general here are some best practices for headshot makeup:

  • Women, you want a natural no make-up look. Here’s a great Pinterest board of that no-makeup look that you can use for inspiration. The no make-up look takes make-up and here’s a great 5-minute video tutorial that provides some fabulous tips. YouTube is your friend here.
  • If you do have a blemish or a surprise zit it’s best you don’t use heavy concealer to cover it up because it’s actually easier to photoshop and retouch it without all that make-up.
  • You don’t want to airbrush make-up on because it can make you look like a mannequin.  We want laugh lines and some imperfections because that's what makes you look unique, natural and human.
  • Men, don’t get your haircut on the day of the shoot because rarely will you look like that.
  • Get 2-3 days of good sleep before the shoot and drink plenty of water.  

Photoshop is your friend!


Did you wake up today with some unwanted blemishes or an unexpected zit? 

Does the photo you love have a bit of lipstick smudge?

Does the photo you love have a few hairs out of place on your head?

Did you get little sleep and have dark circles under your eyes?

Was your forehead a little shiny in your photo?

All these things don’t matter because photoshop is you best friend!

We can retouch and improve any photo, so we can make just the way you want. 

Just watch this short time-lapse video below to get idea of what we can do with photoshop. 

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