Hello, I am Edyta.

I am Edyta McKindsey and I am one of the co-founders at Image + State. First impressions matter and it's important to put your best foot forward online. Every person needs a great image of themselves for LinkedIn, Instagram, Email signature, etc. I am on a mission to make it affordable for anyone to make a statement with their online profile photo! 

david spowart photographer

Hello, I am David. 

I am David Spowart and I am one of the photographers at Image + State. I have been a professional photographer for 15 years. My portfolio includes portraits, fashion shoots, events, and commercial photography. You'll see my photos in Realscreen, Billboard Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, C21 Media (just to name a few).  I love helping people feel comfortable so I can capture their essence in a photo.

Hello, I am Matthew. 

I am Matthew Hunt and I am one of the co-founders at Image + State. After 10 years of providing marketing services to 100's of different businesses I noticed so many of them were using silly stock photography to represent their brands vs real authentic photos.  Every business needs great photo assets of their team and their space to support platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, LinkedIn, etc. I am on a mission to help companies gain a competitive edge online through their image assets.  

Jess Baumung Photographer

Hello, I am Jess.

I am Jess Baumung and I am one of the photographers at Image + State. I love capturing authentic photos and have been for over 10 years.  I photograph all sorts of events. I had the pleasure to photograph some pretty awesome people like Drake, Patrick Adams, Dallas Green. I photographed bands like Alexisonfire. I work with some great corporations too like Universal Records, Tiff, Nike, Adidas, Billboard Magazine, etc. Regardless of whom I work with, I just love capturing great moments on camera. Nothing makes make happier! 

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